Dance is a major part of the rituals and culture of Bali. Balinese dance has three categories based on their function. Firstly there is the sacred dance, performed only in certain rituals within the temple area. Secondly, Bebalih,  a secular (non-sacred) homecoming dance. Thirdly, Balih-balihan, danced by young people fro enjoyment and entertainment.

The art of dance has been practiced for generations in Bali. From early childhood, Balinese children are shown how to dance by parents, teachers / dance coaches. Dancing for the people of Bali is a part of everyday life. During every sacred ritual in the temple, or secular cultural activity, dance is always performed. The traditions and rituals maintained in everyday life, ensure that  the culture remains alive and thriving with each pulse of the Balinese people. 

These hand-crafted figurines are made ??of special fine porcelain, fired at 1350 degrees Celsius, resulting in pure white porcelain.  Our Bali Dancer Figurines are presented in the original pure white procelain, only giving a touch of colour using pure gold or platinum accents to highlight the beautiful form.

In order to create these art works, years of meticulous research is undertaken to study the traditional poses and costumes. Then based on the video footage, photographs, books and interviews, we create the design sketches and over 2­­-3 months, hand craft each piece.